Favorite Bodycor Supplements:

Laser, Vitalcleanse and Alphawoman

“What I love about Bodycor naturals is even the capsules are made from vegetables. They’re all natural with no harmful ingredients. Unfortunately, these days its very hard to find a company that makes supplements with no sucralose. One of the reason why I love the company, as a professional athlete and model, is that I can’t take sucralose because it makes me bloated and it’s not healthy. I believe that being fit is being healthy and that to me means all natural. My favorite supplements are Laser, VitalCleanse and AlphaWoman. I take Laser every morning to get through my day. Keeps me focused and motivated with a lot of extra energy. I take VitalCleanse every night before bedtime. It accelerates my metabolism, cleanse the toxins from my body, keeps me regular and helps me keep my tight curves. And AlphaWoman helps me with my mood, balances my hormone levels, and makes me lean and toned. Also, it’s great for everything for women like hair, nails and skin. You guys should check it out.”

Caroline de Campos

Health Coach | WBFF Pro Athlete

I am 33 years old, Brazilian and a pharmacist. Four years ago I was out of shape, insecure, and depressed. Add to that an accident on a trampoline which caused me to get a knee replacement. But I never give up on myself. Instead I fought and turned to fitness. Being strong was the only thing I had on my mind. Fitness saved my life.

Today, I’m a professional athlete for WBFF (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion), fitness model, and online coach. I have over one million followers in my social media who I strive to inspire to live a healthy lifestyle.