Favorite Bodycor Supplements:

SuperVitamin, Laser, Alphaman, and Pre

“Laser, because I work extremely hard and it keeps my locked in and focused for 6 hours straight no joke. Also keeps me lean and mean.
Pre because it helps me get absolutely epic workouts. Also because It is next to impossible to create a great tasting all-natural preworkout they’re usually loaded with sucrolous and artificial flavors. Not Pre. Its delicious, all-natural and helps power through your workouts.

Training as hard as I do it’s imperative my hormone levels stay optimized for lean muscle and repair. That’s why I love Alphaman. Hormones are responsible for all of our vital functions in our body and Alphaman gives the body the nutrients it needs to produce optimal levels naturally. If you really want to crush it stack it with Ageless the all natural HGH precursor.

Alphaman and Ageless are the ultimate all natural hormone replacement therapy. I think they’re priceless when it comes to longevity and building lean muscle. And there is Alphawoman too, which was formulated especially for women to optimize and balance female hormones like a symphony. Honestly, It’s tough to pick a favorite, but I would have to say SuperVitamin is probably my fav. I haven’t been sick in 20 years and it’s because I’ve been taking a lot of the superfoods packed in this vitamin. WHich by the way used to cost me hundreds of dollars a month until now. It’s the ultimate supervitamin loaded with super nutrients and its super affordable; which is super cool.”

TJ Hoban

Transformation Specialist | Top Fitness Model

Growing up in Little Italy Chicago wasn’t easy. My neighborhood was a lot like the movie Good Fellas. No joke. And lets just say I had no luck dating back then. I had thick glasses, braces, a funny hair do, and I was a runt. I couldn’t talk to a girl let alone get a date. Tired of being bullied and overlooked, I started training like I was Rocky fight for my life. Ironically, working out started as my coping mechanism, but evolved into a very successful career in fitness. Today, few things bring me a greater sense of fulfillment than helping friends empower their lives through fitness, the same way it empowered mine. I currently live in Los Angeles where I coach body transformations, and oversee my fitness and business endeavors.


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