Team Bodycor Athletes

Become a Team Bodycor Athlete

Team Bodycor Athletes are by invitation only, reserved for those who strive for personal greatness, wish to positively impact the lives of others and make considerable residual income.

If selected, you will be paid, given a product allowance, promoted by the company in effort to expand your following through ads, posts, and/or featured on our TEAM page, along with your bio and social handles.

Team Bodycor Athlete’s Responsibilities

We’re looking for athletes who…
•   Believe in our all-natural products
•   Share the core values of Bodycor
•   Possess leadership qualities and a drive for success
•   Special athletic talents are a plus

•   Represent the brand and yourself well.
•   Educate, inspire, and drive sales both online and in your geographic local area through innovative means that are within company standards.
•   Weekly organic posts created by you, video or pictures, that show the product, promote, or talk about the product in a positive and natural way.
•   From time to time we may ask you to post personalized Bodycor created media for special promotions.
•   In general, help spread the good word organically.

Benefits of Being a Part of Team Bodycor

You only have one name. Preserve it!

What separates Bodycor from every other company? We put the customer and our athletes first. We are committed to delivering high quality, all-natural products and providing excellent customer service in creating brand that you will be proud to represent. We truly consider our athletes our partners. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your clients will remain your clients. That means every new customer you refer, you’ll earn a percentage of sales for the life of that customer whether or not they use your promo code, personalized link, or if they purchased directly from our site.

Our athlete compensation plan, along with promotional strategy is designed to help you continuously grow and accumulate substantial monthly residual income. We also offer full transparency for peace of mind. You’ll be able to login to your account and track your sales any time. Simply put, we’re changing the game. Our goal is to help your brand grow financially along with your following, each and every month. When you win, we all win.

If you have what it takes to be a Team Bodycor Athlete and want to join our family, we want to hear from you.