Fitness Trackers: The Pros and Cons

Determining the effectiveness of a fitness tracking device ultimately lies with the wearer. We see them everywhere today as people are looking for ways to enhance and empower their fitness endeavors. They may help make us more productive and keep us motivated and on track, but in the long term, are they worth it? Let’s take a look:Latest Research of Fitness Tracking Devices

Over the last few years more Americans have strapped fitness-tracking devices to their wrists in an effort to stay healthy. Some wearable options simply count steps while others offer sophisticated technology that provides more detailed data like heart rate and calories burned. But are wearables all they’re cracked up to be? Here’s an overview of various pro’s and cons based on recent research.

Possible Benefits

  • Higher satisfaction and productivity: Employees who wore devices that helped track their health reported a 3.5 percent increase in job satisfaction and an 8.5 percent boost in productivity.
  • More steps: A 2007 study found that participants who used pedometers were more physically active than those who didn’t wear a device. So, does setting a step goal motivate you to move and make fitness trackers a legitimate predictor of exercise?
  • Greater awareness: Wearables that keep track of day-to-day health statistics can help doctors and patients in other ways. For example, one man’s life was saved when ER doctors noticed abnormal heart behavior on his fitness tracker.

Potential Downsides

Determining the effectiveness of a fitness tracker ultimately lies with the wearer. If the competitive nature of a pedometer or other health-tracking device helps motivate you to move, keeps you motivated and on task, and on track, then all the more reason to wear it.

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